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Technology Institute – Technology in the Classroom
June 6, 2007, 5:25 pm
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Day 3.  Today the focus is on using technology in the classroom.  GRCC has several multimedia classrooms with technology that enables faculty to bring in unique capabilities in their teaching.  During the introductions, there were many great examples of faculty using technology in their teaching.  From Library resources, to occupational therapy devices, to CAD drawing demos, to overhead projector and writing DVDs, to student usage of multimedia for marking presentations that include Youtube clips, to displaying training videos for manufactoring, to using Powerpoints and Blackboard and computer lab usage, to using Blackboard Pronto instant messaging for student communication, and finally leveraging publisher and online resources.

We also talked about the Seven Principles of Good Unergraduate Education.

1. encourages contact between students and faculty,
2. develops reciprocity and cooperation among students,
3. encourages active learning,
4. gives prompt feedback,
5. emphasizes time on task,
6. communicates high expectations, and
7. respects diverse talents and ways of learning.

We also took a “field trip” to a model classroom.  This classroom has a projector, dvd/vcr player, and wireless internet access.  Also, the room has multiple whiteboards and furniture that can be moved around and reconfigured.  Some great conversation occurred around what makes a good lecture, how to use Powerpoint effectively, and also an example of using “clickers” or student response systems to build interactivity into Powerpoint.

For another “field trip” we went into 316 Main and 310 Main to investigate resources available for audio/video/scanning/etc. in the Mini-Studio and Faculty Work Area.


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