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Conferences… the benefits of them are?
July 25, 2007, 9:22 pm
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It occurred to me today that I should post a generic, “why are conferences beneficial” entry to my blog. To me there are a multitude of reasons that span from networking with peers that have similar interests, experiences, problems, and solutions to discovering best of breed and emerging technologies.

Here is a list of value added reasons for attending conferences in my view:

  • Learning from others that have common interests, experiences, problems, and solutions.
  • Learning about new products and emerging technologies.
  • Learning about how to better leverage our existing tools and discovering best practices.
  • Focus on instructional needs and how technology can be used as a lever to meet those needs.
  • Learning about the product roadmap, direction, strategy, vision.
  • Listening sessions that allow you to share directly with the vendors.
  • Meeting and networking with others in the field.

What are your thoughts? Please comment!


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These are good reasons to attend a conference. I think conferences also give attendees a chance to see where other peers and competitors are at in their development.

Comment by gbrand

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