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How Bb is Impacting Student Success! – YouTube Video Contest
August 7, 2007, 10:38 am
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I came across a Blackboard Educate Innovate blog entry about a K-12 contest that was offered by Blackboard. In this contest, your school was to create a YouTube video about how Blackboard was being used to promote student success. If selected you could win a free trip to Washington DC!
Congrats to Minnetonka Public Schools, located in Minnesota, for winning this contest! Here is their winning video clip on YouTube. (What a great city by the way, Lake Minnetonka is fabulous for boating, fishing, and water sports!)

I was impressed to see 5th graders doing podcasting, extending conversations through discussion boards, using StudyMate (which is available at GRCC) for studying on their iPods, and using the assignment tools and digital drop box for electronic assignments. And finally, parents can participate and check on their children’s progress.

Alert! These types of experienced students are coming to GRCC soon! In fact, many are already here!

Closer to home, I have heard that the KENT ISD has made a decision to offer Blackboard use to teachers and students for all the schools in the district. The potential here is that students that come to GRCC after their high school experience will likely have had experience using Blackboard.

In addition, in the Fall 2006, the State of Michigan put in place a new graduation requirement. The following excerpt describes the new online learning requirement:

“Online Learning Experience–Students must take an online course or learning experience; OR have the online learning experience incorporated into any of the required credits of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.”
– Source: Center for Educational Networking

This new requirement will require all high school graduates to take an online class, therefore, students will also be accustomed to learning online. Likely many students will choose to continue learning online which will place more emphasis on GRCC’s Distance Learning courses. In fact, the Michigan Virtual High School, who will be delivering the online experience for the high school graduation requirement, also uses Blackboard. Again, this will allow a large number of students to seamlessly move to GRCC without relearning a new course management system.

What are your thoughts? Are we ready for a new breed of students here at GRCC?


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