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Google Presentations – Now Available!
September 18, 2007, 11:43 pm
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Despite the silence on Google’s Official Blog as to it being released today, Google Presentations is now available! I came across this blog post on Zdnet Education that indicated that as of Sept 17, you can access the tool using Simply login to your Google Docs and select New | Presentation.


I agree with comments made already that this isn’t likely to replace Powerpoint and it’s use, however I very much like the sharing and collaboration tools that are built-in to the application. This seems to be a good way for students to collaborate on a group project, or perhaps faculty to work together on a conference, research, or lecture presentation. It will be interesting to see how Google Apps play out in their power and offline flexibility since web access is not quite ubiquitous.

Not that Google is the only player in this area. For example, it appears that SlideRocket has some very cool layouts but it is currently in beta with invitation only.  ZohoShow is another, some may say, competitor to the Google Apps Suite.


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I agree, this is not the next PowerPoint. However what is interesting is that it helps out a lot. Cool post.

Comment by khaversiddiqi

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