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miBUG (Michigan Blackboard Users Group) Conference 2007
October 19, 2007, 3:02 pm
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miBUG (Michigan Blackboard Users Group) Conference 2007

October 19, 2007
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI

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Opening Remarks
– Dr. Catherine Riordan, Vice Provost Academic Affairs, Central Michigan University

Session 1: From Tagging to Teaching
– Eric Kunnen, Coordinator of Instructional Technologies, Grand Rapids Community College
– Garry Brand, Professor, Grand Rapids Community College

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Social bookmarking is becoming an effective tool for sharing, discovery, and collaboration. Participants will receive and overview of social bookmarking, how to effectively use it in teaching and learning, and discover how bookmarks can be used for productivity and teamwork. Practical examples will be mentioned from use cases at Grand Rapids Community College. This presentation will benefit faculty and instructional support staff.

Session 2: Learning Objects: Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts
– Chris VanDenBosch, Learning Objects Inc.

Social software applications such as blogs, wikis, and podcasts are powerful tools for teaching and learning. This presentation looks at real-life examples of how these technologies are being used and how instructors have integrated social learning tools into their courses. Additionally, participants will receive an introduction to the Campus Pack suite of Blackboard Building Blocks. The session is relevant for instructors, instructional designers, and LMS managers and administrators.

Campus Pack:
– A suite of social learning applications.

  • Teams – course wikis
  • Journal – course blogs and journals
  • Podcast – instructor managed podcasts
  • Expo – user home pages, blogs, and wikis
  • Search – full text search

Using Wikis in Education

  • Anything that involves the assembly, organization, or annotation of a body of information.
    • Course outline for exam view
    • Research papers
    • Annotated bibliographies
  • Needs and benefits for multiple authors.

Duquesne University

  • Using a Wiki/Teams LX for team projects.
  • Uses wiki in class on the projector, editing and reviewing as necessary.

University of Maryland

  • Students work on a research paper together and annotate the sources using the wiki.
  • Each student finds 5 current research sources.

SUNY Geneseo

  • Annotate a poem, and each of the words in the poem using a wiki.
  • Students use critical writing and reading while writing collaboratively.

University of Maryland

  • Website creation with wiki.
  • Each student brings in 5 images
  • Publish the website

Journals and Blogs

  • Use for journaling.
  • Chronological posting.
  • Allows for comments.
  • Can be private.
  • Analytical reading.
  • Progress over time.

University of North Florida

  • School of Nursing is using blogs for service learning.
  • Post everything that happened to them during their clinical.
  • Conversations that they had, etc. and use the comments to allow other students to provide feedback.

Richard Stockton College

  • Collaborative write a novell.
  • Each student writes a different chapter as a post.
  • Students can comment on each others postings.
  • Students annotate and review essays. Allow other students to comment.

University of Texas

  • Students grouped by interest.
  • Students post weekly topics related to their interest.

Central Regional High School

  • Journalism class.
  • Students collect stories to write about. Provide commentary on each other’s work.


  • Media files distributed by RSS
  • Playback on iPods/MP3/PC
  • iTunes and RSS support
  • Easier to implement and use
  • Subscription pushing
  • Listen and view online or offline
  • Ability to include transcripts.
  • Supplementary course materials.
  • Foreign language courses.
  • Weekly lectures.

University of Nebraska

  • Medical school using 6+ courses.
  • Decided to use the podcast tool instead of iTunes U

Duke University

  • Poetry

Bryn Mawr College

  • Removed announcements from the podcast helped with student attendance.
  • Lectures are podcasts and required to be listened to before class.

South Valley Junior High School

  • “Study Casts” are an audio review of a learning unit for students to study and prepare for tests.

Session 3: Keynote Address
– Karen Gage, Vicepresident of Product Strategy, Blackboard

Join Blackboard Vice President Karen Gage for an update on how Blackboard solutions are evolving to best support your needs. Find out the latest on what’s new and different. What are some of the powerful new product developments on the horizon? How are the best of WebCT and Blackboard coming together for the next generation solution? Learning more about these and other ways in which Blackboard and clients are collaborating to elevate eLearning for students, faculty, and administrators.

The Future of Blackboard

  • What Bb is focusing on is what educational institutions are focusing on… That is: Student Acheivement – Engage and Assess
  • Engage = Personal, Classroom, Campus, Global, Lifelong
  • Components = Community System, Content, Learning, Portfolio, Outcomes System
  • Assess = Individual, Course, Program, Institution
  • Bb Product Strategy = Student Achivement
    • Easy to use systems that encourage high levels of engagement.
    • Integrated outcomes assessment at every level. Invidividual, Coruse academic, insitution.
    • Easy and Efficient Adoption of a complete student achievement environment.
  • Engagement through the community network.
  • Blackboard Idea Exchange Steering Committee
  • Just released:
    • AP 3 for Bb 7 – Discussion Boards, Meta data, K-12 icon set and language pack, right to left language support.
    • SafeAssign – Plagiarism detection built in.
    • Efficiency – AP2 for CD6 and Vista4, 1700+ bugs fixes
    • The Bb Community System/Content System/Outcomes System can run on CE and Vista
    • Bb Scholar Social Networking, Profiles, Friends, Favorites, Fans
  • Roadmap – Coming Soon
    • Content Workflow
    • Social Networking
    • Web 2.0 User Experience
    • Social Learning
    • Mentoring, Tutoring, and Advising
    • Research Tools
    • Content System Collaboration and Workflow – Fair Use and Copyright
    • Learning Spaces – Group Work and Space, Wikis and Documents Similar to Google Docs
    • Customization – Drag and Drop, User Defined Tabs, Add widgets, Recent Friends, Recent Documents
    • A brand new Grade Center
    • Peer and Self Assessment
    • Instructor Dashboard – Alerts (one week not online, late assignments), Needs Review, Who’s Online (students/avisees/ta’s/peers)
    • Rubric based Assessment
    • Outcome and Activity Alignment
    • Best of both Portfolio Systems
    • Pre-installed SafeAssign
    • SCORM 2004
    • Web Services
    • Software as a Service
    • 3rd Party Content Discovery
    • Multi-tenancy Architecture
    • LS Integration
    • From Academic (Research, Wiki, Library, Calendar, Assessment, Content, Mashups, Collaboration, Course Management Systems, Content Management Systems) <—-> Administrative (ERP, Portal, Identity, Data, Analytics) as Bb Academic Suite as Core Integrator
    • edugarage by Blackboard – The new Blackboard Developers Networks (
    • Future Soltuions
      • Project NG (Best of WebCT and Bb solutions and more. Multi-year, multi-app phased delivery, no database migration, normal upgrade process.)
    • Why wait for the roadmap?
      Get on Scholar Today!

      • New tool for social learning.
      • Personal knowledge building enviornment that can also be used in the course.
      • Web 2.0 interface
      • Lifelong account.
      • Perfect illustration of product strategy for student engagement. – Connect students doing research to another user perhaps at the same college, but maybe from another college. Rich user interface, connection to other users, contribute and share resources.

Session 4: Providing 24/7 Blackboard Support for Students and Faculty
– Darren Sapper, Director of Eastern Region, Presidium

Providing 24/7 student and faculty helpdesk support for Blackboard is a growing challenge for many college campuses. Hear how many colleges and universities in Michigan have improved their end user technology experience by partnering with Presidium learning. Presidium provides 24/7 contact center services for the higher education industry. We allow schools to expand upon any part of their existing support infrastructure via telephone, online, chat, web, adn self-help support. We provide 24/7 end user support for Blackboard/WebCT, and virtually all student information systems, email platforms, and portals. We staff our call centers based on the spikes in the academic calendar, and we partner with more than 450 higher education insitutions. Presidium will raffle an iPod shuffle to attendees of the session.

Session 5: Structured Ontologies and Content Metadata in eLearning Management Systems
– Arjun Sabharwal, remove Services Librarian, Baker College Online & Center for Graduate Studies

Building structured ontologies is critical to knowledge management systems (KMS) because they allow networking and information retrieval to take place more efficiently. A KMS involves knowledge clients (faculty, students, and staff) who interact with knowledge objects in the system and with each other. Using the content metadata schemes in Blackboard, structured ontology would help institutions manage knowledge objects for purposes of teaching, learning, and maintaining a system of scholarly communication.

Break and Raffle
– Sponsored by Blackboard Inc.

Closing Remarks
– Dr. Catherine Riordan, Vice Provost Academic Affairs, Central Michigan University


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