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Keeping Students in Touch with Today’s Technologies
January 3, 2008, 10:50 am
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I just finished reading an article in the October/November issue of the Community College Journal. In this edition, there was a viewpoint section written by Thomas J. Snyder who is the president of Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana.

What I liked most about this article was the point blank realization that students on our community college campuses have moved on. They are often more technical than we realize. They are often using technologies that we “older” folks don’t understand. They are often using technologies that fall out of the typical instructional technology implementation process that includes bulk software installs, traditional enterprise email systems, disk images, and large computer labs.

I think Ivy Tech Community College is approaching the mobile technologies in a progressive way. That is, to provide a comprehensive approach to mobile services on campus. It’s not just about crisis messaging. It is about accessing campus services anytime/anywhere and with any device. The Ivy Tech messaging service allows students to not only receive emergency messages, but also information about registration, financial aid, payment deadlines, campus events, and much more.

Students on Cell Phone
Photo from PartsnPieces on Flickr.

Here at GRCC I think we are well positioned to also move in this direction. We already have a clearTXT service linked to our Blackboard system for crisis messaging. Taking it one step further with clearTXT Ubiquity seems like a seamless and natural step.

What are your thoughts about txt messaging and campus services for students?


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