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Blackboard – Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Teaching, Learning, and Student Services
January 15, 2008, 12:45 pm
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I seem to be stuck in a theme in my last few posts. That is, the aspect of mobile technologies in education. My last 3 posts, for example, include aspects of enabling better communication using mobile devices and the use of txt messaging in teaching and learning:

For the past few years, we have been using clearTXT for crisis messaging. It has been an excellent tool that is integrated very nicely into Blackboard. For quite some time now, we have been interested in taking the use of clearTXT to the next level. That is, to provide more course and academic related mobile messaging capabilities with clearTXT’s premier edition called Ubuiqity.

One of the questions has seemingly been one of trepidation of many colleges and universities around fully engaging and moving forward with the use of mobile devices. Well… things are definitely moving forward on solidifying the real value and potential of mobile technologies at educational institutions as a result of a recent Blackboard press release.

Yesterday, Blackboard Inc. announced the acquisition of NTI Group Inc., which is a leading provider of txt messaging and mobile communications. Here is the official Blackboard press release. In addition, Blackboard has dedicated a web page that looks to be for the purpose of communicating more about what this acquisition means to the client base.


In the press release are many details worth reviewing. Other than the typical crisis messaging viewpoint around communication, I found it interesting that Bb is also viewing the mobile connection for other student services. For example, Blackboard recently announced a partnership with Sony to provide the Sony FeliCa contactless technology in the Bb Commerce product. To me, this means that not only could a student catch an announcement from an instructor of a canceled class period, but a student could potentially use their mobile device for a commerce-based transaction, say perhaps to purchase their textbooks.

I think this helps to underscore the value of the mobile device to academia. Clearly this is the first step in providing truly anytime/anywhere access to learning, crisis messaging, and student services.

This news has also been quickly picked up by the following sources:


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