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Blackboard Usage – Winter 2008
May 19, 2008, 9:44 am
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Overall USAGE:

– Total number of Live Courses: 1208 (Winter’06 – 890)
– Total file storage used by Live courses: 39 Gb (Winter’06 – 15 Gb)
– Total Unique Students : 16980 (Winter’06 – 14652)
– Total Student Enrollments: 34468
– Total Unique Instructors : 440 (Winter’06 – 325)
– Total Unique TA’s : 56

Overall TOOLS USED in Courses:

– Number of courses using: 1109
– Percentage of all courses using this Tool: 91%

– Number of courses using: 750
– Percentage of all courses using this Tool: 62%

Staff Information
– Number of courses using: 385
– Percentage of all courses using this Tool: 31%

Announcements      313      25%
– Number of courses using: 313
– Percentage of all courses using this Tool: 25%

External Links
– Number of courses using: 274
– Percentage of all courses using this Tool: 22%

– Number of courses using: 249
– Percentage of all courses using this Tool: 20%


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Thanks for posting this. It would be awesome if every LMS project posted information like this so we could find our relative peers.

Comment by ez

Hi Eric,
You’ve piqued my interest with the 54 TA’s. When you have the time I would love to hear more about GRCC using TA’s. Are they TA’s in the spirit of how they would be used at a graduate university, or something completely different? At LSC we have online student mentors who help instructors in courses, but we stop short of calling them TA’s. Do tell. BD

Comment by Barry Dahl

Hey Barry,

Actually we don’t really have TA’s in the traditional sense either. I should have been more clear. The most common use of the TA role is for faculty to share materials with each other. There are also some faculty in our Nursing, Radiology, and Continuing Education disciplines that have multiple “instructors” that grade practicums, clinicals, etc. versus lecture and the like.

Hope that helps!

Comment by Eric Kunnen

Ez is right – maybe you could share the queries and we could all run identical ones. I’m about to publish (quite damning) data on our use, but not by content area, by the strands of our e-learning framework. If we all ran the same queries there’d be some interesting comaprative data…. 🙂

Comment by Kate

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