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Instant Messaging for Office Hours, Tutoring, Library, Help Desks, and more!
September 11, 2008, 2:26 pm
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I just finished reading an article on Insider Higher Ed.  It is entitled, “When IM is the Best Way to Stay on Top“.

In the article, Ivy Tech Community College is highlighted (along with Grand Rapids Community College) in the use of Wimba Pronto as a way to better connect with students.

The new Wimba Pronto includes a set of features that will enable faculty and students to better communicate during office hours.  The new features such as: video, application sharing, and instant message queing will allow faculty to have effective online exchanges with students.

In additon, there is potential for campus departments, tutorial labs, and help desks to leverage instant messaging for student support services.

The support for students, and their learning, is extensive.  Students can get support for their learning well beyond the typical “email” interchange by using any of the following channels:

  1. Questions in the Face to Face Classroom
  2. Questions in Discussion Boards (Blackboard)
  3. Face to Face Office Hours
  4. Online Office Hours (Wimba Pronto)
  5. Face to Face Tutorial Lab Visits
  6. Online Tutorial Lab (Wimba Pronto)
  7. Face to Face Library Visits
  8. Online Library Support (Wimba Pronto)
  9. Face to Face Help Desk Support
  10. Online Help Desk (Wimab Pronto)

The possibilities for leveraging Wimba Pronto is almost endless. Especially if you roll in the application sharing, some whiteboard technology, video, and voip.

Next up… how do we do this entirely on the web?  Without client support.  Or perhaps… how can we add a mobile technology spin, say, txt messaging and mobile web browsing and IM?


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Ivy Tech actually had this last year too. It was suppose to be an aid for the online student; the failure is getting the instructors to use it. Since most the online students are technically left to be self-taught getting Ivy Tech to train the instructors to use Pronto might give us a little of the instructor’s time we pay for but do not get. Seriously a campus student gets how many hours of instructors’ lecture & discussion time – then the online student gets what?

Comment by LauraM62

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