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Fall 2008 – Blackboard Usage at GRCC
November 24, 2008, 5:48 pm
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Every semester, we do our best to track and report usage of the Blackboard system here at GRCC.

The following post highlights some statistics gathered from this Fall.  A course is considered to be “LIVE” and recorded as such if the course has an announcement, content item, gradebook item, quiz, pool, group, or has used the email or other tools.  On the other hand, a course with none of the above is not considered to be used.

I have also included statistics on several Building Blocks that are used in conjunction with our Blackboard environment.

1. Blackboard – Fall 2008

This semester, 64% of GRCC’s sections are using Blackboard as indicated in the following chart:


In addition, this semester there are a total 486 instructors using Blackboard when compared to 183 that are not using the system for teaching and learning.  This means roughly 73% of GRCC faculty are using Blackboard to improve student engagement and success.

instructorusingThe following table highlights additional metrics regarding GRCC’s Blackboard environment.

TOTAL LIVE Sections using Bb
Total Number of Fall 08 Sections
% Sections with Bb Usage
Total Number of Sections not using Bb
Total Unique Students
Total Student Enrollments
Total Unique Instructors
Total Unique Instructor/Faculty
Total Unique TA’s
Out of the 1540 courses that are considered LIVE for this semester, the tools that are most commonly used tools are: content, gradebook, and announcements.  These data are represented in the following chart:
Finally, here is a chart that reflects the trend of the number of live (used) courses over time:
trendsf05082. Wimba Pronto

Pronto is a free instant messaging, audio chat, app sharing, and video conferencing tool that is integrated with Blackboard.

Total Users: 1,411
Total Instructors: 141
Total Number of Pronto-Enabled Courses: 4,806
Total Number of Users who Have Created a Profile: 339

3. Blackboard Sync
Sync™ is a Facebook application that delivers Blackboard course information and updates through the Facebook interface to keep students in touch and engaged with their academic studies.

Total Accounts: 158

4. CourseFeed
CourseFeed™ is a Facebook® application that alerts students when their instructor posts new assignments, announcements, and content in Blackboard®. CourseFeed™ also includes a course wall. Finally, notifications can also be sent to students via email.

Total Accounts: 1,760

5. Rave Wireless
Rave Wireless provides students with the ability to sign up to receive crisis notifications and also provides students with the ability to subscribe to the Blackboard Announcements Channel to receive text messages from Blackboard when their instructors post a new announcement.

Total Users Signed up for Blackboard Channel: 85

Note: We are still testing this service and we have not yet placed the Rave Wireless Building Block in production.


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Are you querying the production database to get information for the detailed reports or are you using a GUI based tool (building block)?

Comment by Andy

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, we ran a query against the database, however, I am involved in a Blackboard Greenhouse Grant project with Santo Nucifora from Seneca college to create a Building Block that will be easy for other colleges to use to gather statistics and create reports. We wanted to have this available to the community already, but we are behind on developing the tool. We hope to have it available by Spring/Summer.


Comment by ekunnen

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