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GRCC – Blackboard Use Tops 14,900 Visits Per Day
December 16, 2008, 5:42 pm
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In order to better track and report Blackboard usage here at GRCC, Google Analytics was recently added to the system.  Here are the top results since November 18th:

The Blackboard server has had an average of more than 7,600 visits per day with more than 14,900 visits topping the list for a single day.


Access: GRCC’s Blackboard server has had a total of 236,696 visits since November 18th, and those visits came from 22 countries.  In Michigan, the server has been accessed from 257 cities.


Browsers: While the top browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, there has also been visits to GRCC’s Blackboard server from users with an iPhone, iPod, Nintendo Wii, and Sony Playstation.



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Is this because the other reports were difficult to compile? Was it difficult to add this? I’m thinking about how CE/Vista is designed…. This would be difficult to apply. Maybe when we come over with BbX?

Comment by ez

Hey ez –

I just wanted to get some other usage stats on our servers. So I went with Google Analytics since it seemed to be pretty popular.

I placed the Google code in a module on our Bb portal/community system login page and I have the module loading asynchronously since I noticed that it was taking our login page a while to load while Google Analytics was loading.

Hope that helps,

Comment by ekunnen

Eric, do you think this could be utilized to identify different courses as well as the main server page?

Comment by John Martin

Nope, it can’t drill down into courses because Analytics can’t parse out the Bb-specific query strings in the URL (so it can’t tell that “frameset.jsp?tab_id=_2_1&url=… “is actually Music Education 352). Also, because Google’s tracker lives in the top frame of the frameset (where the tabs are), it can only see certain clicks, and not most of what happens down in the content or navigation frames).
It still puts out some great information though – in a format that makes it very easy to put together nice looking reports and presentations. I’ve got some data going back a couple years now with Google Analytics, so I can run some comparisons between years now:

Comment by Paul

We would like to add google analytics to our top frame or some sort of timer javascript to notify users their session will expire…

Can you please tell me how you were able to add the script into the top frame where the tabs live?

Comment by Scottie P

Thanks for everyone’s comments. I believe Paul is correct. It sure would be nice if Bb shipped with, or had some easy connectors for Google Analytics within courses as well as system wide. Paul, thanks for the URL.

Comment by ekunnen

Hi Eric,
Do you still have GA running in your system and what version of BB are you running? I’m on 8.0.422.8 and am having some trouble with bb stripping out the code. Where did you enter the code in your system?

Comment by lauren valiente

Hi Lauren,

Try turning OFF the visual text box editor (edit personal settings under the Tools panel after logging into Bb) before entering the script/code into the module.

This should enable you to enter the script. We are still on: 8.0.307.10

Comment by ekunnen

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