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Top Challenges for Education in the Year 2009
January 9, 2009, 5:28 pm
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With a new year, and at the start of the Winter semester here at GRCC, it is time to re-group, re-flect, re-think, re-evaluate, and re-invest in connecting teaching, learning, and technology.  It is a good time to think strategically about the upcoming year.  As I ponder about the next year, determining what “resolutions” I think we should focus on, I was happy to receive a great list of challenges from the “EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning Challenges 2009 Project”.  The project highlighted the following:

“In order of their final ranking, the “Top Teaching and Learning Challenges, 2009” are:

  1. Creating learning environments that promote active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation.
  2. Developing 21st-century literacies among students and faculty (information, digital, and visual.)
  3. Reaching and engaging today’s learner.
  4. Encouraging faculty adoption and innovation in teaching and learning with IT.
  5. Advancing innovation in teaching and learning (with technology) in an era of budget cuts.”

To join in on the discussion and to acquire more info, see the EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning Challenges on Ning.

    I agree with these as being listed as some of the top challenges that need some focus from all perspectives at an institution.  Involvement should come from all levels… including the students, faculty, staff, and administration.  I believe that the themes of:  student engagement, active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation lend themselves very well to the next generation of learning and the next generation of course management systems.

    I am excited and have a lot of anticipation for this upcoming year!!!