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Engaging Students through Social Networking
February 23, 2009, 12:32 pm
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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a webinar session by Inigral Inc. which is a company that specializes in bringing social networking to education.  The session I attended was called: “Lifecycle Engagement: Using Social Networking to Engage Prospects, Students”.  What follows are some of my thoughts and notes from the session:

I enjoyed the session because I believe that social networking in and around education is becoming a requirement for educational institutions.  My focus is on using social media in the classroom, but just as important are those students that are not yet part of the institution or those that have recently graduated.  Taken from this perspective is a view that social networking can be used for the entire lifecycle of a student’s engagment with an institution. That is, the “wrap around” services that an institution provides (in addition to the direct classroom instruction) are as important as it shapes an overall student experience.  Therefore, even those areas of a campus that are often considered as “extra curricular” activities such as student groups or organizations are important to the complete “education experience”.

Anyway, I picked up several good ideas and thought provoking suggestions from this session as Michael Staton did a great job of providing some background around social media and networking before jumping into some solutions that Inigral provides.

It was a good refresher that helped to underscore the importance of: images and video, mini-feeds of information, relevant and timely content, user generated content, interactive commenting, showcasing and marketing for awareness, and overall the building of online interactions and community through extending the campus into the virtual world.  I thought it important also to do what Michael suggested in searching for what is already out there about your campus.  If anything, it will give you a good indication of what the perceptions are of your campus, and what is important to students.

I thought that this slide was particularly helpful in how it breaks down the components of the life cycle into prospective students, enrolled students, and alumni.


Inigral’s Schools on Facebook solution seems to be headed in the right direction.  If you are interested in learning more, Inigral is hosting another session (on March 4th) entitled “The Facebook Dilemma“.

While social networking and it’s use in education continues to grow and expand, check out GRCC on Facebook or as a student, get plugged in with Blackboard Sync and CourseFeed which are available now from GRCC’s Blackboard system.


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Thanks Eric for sharing the info about the upcominng Inigral session. I’m registered and looking forward to it.

Comment by Jason Rhode

I agree with a lot of what social networking has to offer education. I can teach students the importance and relevance of images and video as well as getting appropriate feedback from other students and faculty.

Comment by gvlaker205

awww shucks 🙂

Comment by Michael Staton

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