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Fall 2009 Student & Faculty Blackboard Survey Results
December 4, 2009, 4:17 pm
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Each semester we conduct a survey of students and faculty regarding their use with Blackboard here at GRCC.  The survey is not part of a research based initiative and is posted as a link inside of the Blackboard portal.  This semester, over 850 students and 130 faculty responded to the survey.

Here are the top 7 highlights from this semester’s survey:

1. Students and Faculty would like to see More Blackboard Use in Teaching and Learning

Overall, both faculty (88%) and students (94%) believe that it would improve the learning experience if more instructors used Blackboard.

Student Response
Faculty Response

GRCC’s use of Blackboard (based on the CCSSE report and highlighted in an earlier GRCC Today post “Results of Community College Survey of Student Engagement: Using Technology to Engage Students“) was also higher compared to the national benchmark as seen in the graph below:

Finally, the high use of course management systems is also reflected in the recent ECAR report as shown in the following chart:

What’s more, according to GRCC’s participation in the recent ECAR report, GRCC students surveyed indicated a desire for mobile access to  Blackboard as seen in the following chart:

2. More Online Courses in English, Computers, Business, and Science

When asked what disciplines that students would like to see in the online or hybrid format, in order of preference, they indicated: English, Computer Apps, Business, and Science.  According to a recent CCSSE report, more than 28% of students take online courses with an expectation in the growth of online courses based on a recent Ambient Insight report highlighted in an article by Campus Technology Magazine.

3. Describe Blackboard in One Word

When asked to describe Blackboard in 1 word, most students said: “Helpful”, “Convenient”, and “Useful”

4. Advice for Faculty

When asked to provide advice for faculty, most students used the following words in their open ended responses: “use, grades, blackboard, students,post, class, assignments”.

5. The Gradebook is the Most Used Tool by Students and Faculty

When asked which tools students used most frequently, they indicated:

  1. gradebook
  2. email
  3. announcements
  4. online quizzes
  5. discussion board
  6. content

When posed with the same question, faculty indicated:

  1. gradebook
  2. announcements
  3. email
  4. content
  5. discussion board
  6. online quizzes

6. Students would like more Lecture Capture

When students were asked: “Which technology capability would be most useful to you or what you would want MORE of in your studies and in your coursework here at GRCC?”, students indicated: Lecture Capture and Podcasting, Text Messaging, Live Online Lectures, and Instant Messaging.  For comparison, when faculty were asked the same question regarding technologies in teaching, they responded with: Lecture Capture and Podcasting (35%), Live Online Lectures (17%), Blogs and Wikis (12%), and Text Messaging (10%).

7. Wimba Pronto is the Most Popular Building Block with Faculty & CourseFeed for Facebook is the Most Popular with Students

Nearly 70% of faculty that responded to the survey indicated signing up and using Wimba Pronto for instant messaging, office hours, and enhancing communication with each other and with students.  Additional Building Block integrations used by faculty this semester were:  NBC Content, Facebook CourseFeed, and Rave Wireless.  For comparison, students responding to the survey indicated that they used: Facebook courseFeed (49%), Wimba Pronto (42%), and Rave Wireless (23%). Social networking tools such as Facebook are used by roughly 95% of “traditional age students” and 78% of “non-traditional age” students according to a recent CCSSE report.  In addition, based on this report 73% and 51% respectively have used social networking sites to discuss coursework.

8. 10,000 Users Accessed the Bb Content System

Well over 10,000 unique users clicked on the “My Content” tab in the last three (3) months. A breakdown by type of user is listed in the chart below.

9. Over 600 Users Added Content to the Bb Content System

635 unique users added content to the Content System. As indicated in the chart below, 67% of those additions were made by students.

10. 22% of Faculty Added Content to the Bb Content System

Finally, here’s a breakdown of faculty usage of the “My Content” tab. 181 faculty members have already added content during the first semester.