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Faculty Learning Day 2012 – Keynote Notes
January 12, 2012, 10:16 am
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Grand Rapids Community College has a faculty learning day every year with a keynote and several breakout sessions.

This year, the keynote was delivered by Constance Staley from the University of Colorado who spoke about the topic of “resilience” in faculty and students.

Here are a few of my notes from her presentation:

  • Resilience = Confidence / Character / Connections and it is also related to the themes of the conference which were: Challenge / Control / Commitment
  • When working with students we need to accentuate the positive.
  1. Praise Effort & Motivation – Focus on the effort placed by students.
  2. Emphasize Realistic Optimism – Not blind faith, but help students admit what needs to be changed.  It’s about the intentionality of learning and the students’ responsibility.
  3. Teach Student to Fail Forward – Use experience to gain and “failure is a process not an obstacle”.
  4. Help Students Understand how they contribute to their own learning and resilience.  Do students spend the time and energy required to be able to succeed.  Are they prepared? Do they monitor their own performance?
  5. Build & Model Emotional Intelligence – Are students discouraged? Do they have low motivation? Do they realize it?  Focus and build student intra-personal, inter-personal, stress management, adaptability, etc.
  • Multitasking = Task Switching
  • When students multitask they are breaking a connection and when they get to the next task they need to spend time to rebuild.
  • We need to “Help Students Learn how to Learn”!
  • Many students need help with anti-procrastination management, stress management, and we can do our part to engage multiple learning styles?
  • Fear management is an important part of resiliency and students have a tendency to: 1) Drop out, 2) Scale back, 3) Avoid assessment and assignments, and 4) Redefine what success/failure looks like.  These are indicators.
  • Important too is the student’s mindset – that is – what and how they think about their own intelligence. Here are 2 videos that were shared during the keynote:

In short faculty need to help students with building their resilience and the key areas that instructors can include in their lessons and instructional design include: CHALLENGE | REACTION | INSIGHT | ACTION

What are your thoughts about faculty or student resiliency?


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